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A profitable and sustainable industry fully capable of meeting the demands and challenges of agriculture and land management in the 21 st century Delivered by a world class, competent, innovative and professional workforce whose professionalism is recognised and rewarded Where skills development is fundamental and integral to all businesses And an industry that is seen as a career of choice Where the significance of farming, horticulture and land management are recognised and valued by society.


To recognise formally the professionalism of the workforce through the establishment of a framework that is able to deliver, record and validate appropriate learning and skills provision and continuous professional development opportunities To use this recognition to promote a culture that acknowledges the central role that investment in personal and continuous professional development plays in the improvement of business performance, competitiveness and sustainability To use the professionalism and highly technical nature of the industry to encourage new entrants To seek farm businesses returning to profit and agriculture being seen as a place where innovation is valued To demonstrate the professionalism of the industry so that it enjoys the full confidence of customers and society To establish a robust partnership between the industry and governments so there is maximum integration of policies and practice to ensure the vision is realised.